Sad & Happy Tales Of Stressed Out Scaredy Cat

Here we have a short and sweet online story in two parts. Part one is quite sad. And in the tradition of a great story that everyone will surely love, this story ends on a happy note. The story is all about a cat. Its curious nature almost got it killed one time. And while cats are not known to dwell on both harrowing and happy memories in general, this is one story it never forgot. And it was not quite aware that it still had eight more lives to go. Or is it seven, six or five? Yes indeed, curiosity (almost) killed this poor little cat.

And thank goodness still that cats, by nature, still have nine lives to pounce back on. Curiously too, cats always have that agile ability to land on all four cushioned, padded paws. One wonders if the poor little stressed out cat even realizes this. Cats by nature are also highly stressed animals. They are sensitive creatures indeed and no other creature purrs like it does when it is over the moon with you gently comforting and stroking it. This, it is happy to observe, is your domestic version of low stress handling, something which the specialist veterinary surgeon will heartily approve of if this petting procedure becomes known to him.

low stress handling

Such gentle techniques will be necessary should the poor little old cat ever become ill and need surgery. Worst case scenario perhaps, but if it does, just to make sure that the sensitive cat never gets hurt and never feels a thing, a specially formulated cat anesthetic is administered. It puts the frightened little animal straight to sleep. Finally, back at home in its comfy little warm bed all memory of past trauma has evaporated.